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Our Story

Our Story

Rancher Government Solutions mission is to deliver the latest in open-source technology to the U.S. Government in a secure, validated way. We are employee-owned and our team consists exclusively of US citizens, with a strong history of delivering solutions in both the public and private sector for organizations adopting cloud computing, containerization, and DevSecOps.

While at Rancher Labs, our founding team was responsible for building Rancher products and implementing them in the commercial markets. As Rancher products grew in popularity, they started Rancher Federal to ensure government clients had access to cleared support for all of these critical open-source projects.

Renamed Rancher Government Solutions in 2021, we have a strategic partnership with SUSE (the new owners of Rancher Labs) to be the exclusive distributor of SUSE and Rancher support services to the U.S. Government.

Our team provides cleared support for these products, as well as independent, U.S. – based validation of the open-source code, and validation of external penetration tests conducted by U.S. companies.


Lynne Chamberlain President & CEO

Lynne Chamberlain brings over 30 years of leadership experience from Red Hat, Unisys and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Brandon Gulla CTO

Brandon Gulla leads the RGS engineering organization and product management.

John Hodges Chief Operating Officer

John Hodges leads the operations team at RGS and is responsible for delivering our services while driving cross-functional efficiency and strategic growth.

Don Poole Director of Corporate Communications

Don Poole leads the communication and marketing teams at RGS and is responsible for spreading the word on our transformational Kubernetes management platform.

Matthew French Chief Financial Officer

Matthew French leads the financial team at RGS and is responsible for financial operations, creating efficiencies and process improvements while supporting and informing profitable decision making.


How to Manage Enterprise-wide Containerization

Containerization provides a consistent way to package application components and their dependencies into a single object that can run in any environment. Containers provide the flexibility needed for scaling applications and building workflows in hybrid on-premise and cloud environments. But with numerous containers deployed throughout your organization, you may start to feel that you have too much of a good thing. That's when an Enterprise Container Management (ECM) tool becomes an essential part of your IT strategy. Kubernetes is the standard for open-source, cloud container orchestration, providing a platform for automating deployment and allowing large numbers of containers across multiple clusters of hosts to work together. Originally developed by Google and now managed by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), it reduces your operational burdens and the time and perils of putting new software into production.

DISA Validates Rancher Government Solutions' Security Technical Implementation Guide for the Rancher Multi-cluster Manager 2.6 for Kubernetes

DISA Validates Rancher Government Solutions' Security Technical Implementation Guide for the Rancher Multi-cluster Manager 2.6 for Kubernetes. In a major validation of Rancher Government Solutions https://rancher.com/government (RGS) security posture, the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) has announced that it has published and validated the Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) for the Rancher Multi-cluster Manager version 2.6 (MCM) for Kubernetes.



RGS is currently hiring for senior technical roles on our engineering, support and services team. If you are a software or DevOps engineer interested in working with the U.S. Government, we’d love to talk with you about joining our team.