Whether on a fighter-jet, embedded system or even warfighter’s backpack, Rancher Federal is ready to deliver innovative solutions to modernize your team’s approach to cloud-native.

Consulting Services

In order to meet the unique requirements of the federal government mission, Rancher Federal employs mission-experienced engineers with years of architecting complex distributed systems across the commercial, civilian, DoD and intelligence communities. Rancher Federal empowers your mission with industry-leading Kubernetes capabilities coupled with a world-class support model staffed by all US citizens utilizing data centers within the continental US. For more sensitive missions, we have support personnel, engineers and architects with active clearances ready to meet your on-site support requirements.

Cleared On-Site Support

Cloud-native strategies while organically complicated in the commercial sector, are decidedly more complex when applied to the sensitive needs of the US government. GitOps, DevSecOps, Infrastructure-as-code, & Kubernetes are not just buzzwords but cornerstones of excellence to modernize the US government’s IT strategy. Rancher Federal’s engineers are currently weaponizing cloud-native strategies to usher in a new paradigm of software development, deployment and sustainment throughout the DoD/IC. Traditional development while once constrained to the datacenter, now has expanded to the cloud and tactical edge. Accelerate your team’s velocity from the server-rack to edge with our industry-leading team of consulting engineers.

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Kubernetes Expertise

While often referenced as a single tool, in reality Kubernetes is actually a robust ecosystem of opensource technologies working in concert to deliver cloud-native excellence to your mission. RBAC, Ingress Controllers, Service-Meshes and Mutating Webhooks may seem complex, but their goal is to deliver resilient orchestration platforms to simplify your cloud-native strategy. Whether it be cross-domain development, hybrid-cloud migration, or even microservice development, our engineering & support staff are here to aid you and your organization throughout your cloud-native journey.